If you’re interested in adopting a Passion for Pooches pup, please read our requirements and complete an application to adopt. All dogs will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Click on the pictures to get detailed information. Our available dogs are listed alphabetically by name. Matching families and dogs is a top priority to us!  We want furever relationships that last a lifetime for our adoptive families and our rescue dogs.  Save a life today and adopt a rescue dog!


All applicants after approval are required to sign the following contract:

1. Collars and Tags

The dog will not wear a pinch (cleat) collar or any similar article around the neck for the purpose of any basic training, any basic correcting, or for permanent use of identification. The dog shall at all times be required to wear a nylon or leather collar with the rabies tag, identification tag (displaying the home address) and the county or city license. The chain collar (often referenced as a choke chain or referred to as training chain) will only be used to walk the dog on a leash.

A leash is required at ANY time the dog is taken outside of a securely fenced yard.

2. Transfer of Ownership

In order to prevent this dog from being transferred to a series of owners, and placed beyond our ability to intervene if the dog needs future help to prevent future neglect and/or abuse, the Adopter may not transfer ownership or possession of this dog to anyone without first allowing Passion for Pooches Rescue to either reclaim the dog or give permission for the ownership change. The dog shall not be sold, given to, or adopted to anyone else, nor shall there be any transfer of ownership to any firm, corporation, or organization of other homeless animals, such as another rescue facility, or research facility. The dog adopted from rescuer must be returned to rescuer if for any reason the adopter can no longer keep it.

3. Environment

The dog shall reside indoors, in the adopter's home, and live as a family member and companion only. The dog will not be kept outdoors during the adopter's working hours, or at any other time left alone outdoors while the adopter is not at home. The dog may be confined to a room such as a bedroom or basement or any other room of adequate size and protected from the elements of weather. The adopter is not to expose the dog to harmful objects, poisons, or other living creatures that may endanger the dog's life.

The dog may be crated for no longer than eight (8) hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period of time. The crate must be large enough for the dog to stand up in, and turn around in as well as having the proper floor of the crate for the dog to lie comfortably on it's side. An outside shelter such as a dog house is not acceptable as residence but can be used only when needed in extreme heat, cold, or rain when the dog is let out into the yard for short periods of time and only when the adopter is at home.

4. Health Program

The rescuers dog adopted as a puppy shall begin heart-worm preventative immediately, and if rescuer has already begun preventative, adopter will continue monthly preventative and shall receive a rabies shot as required by law. The dog shall remain on heart-worm preventative indefinitely throughout the entire life of the dog. Rescuer reserves the right to verify with the adopter's veterinarian that the heart-worm preventative has been purchased and that the dog has a yearly blood test for this purpose. The dog shall also have yearly booster shots of DHLPP and Bordetella. The adult dog when adopted will be seen by a veterinarian within ten (10) days of the adoption date to start the heart-worm preventative program and to get a general health exam. Renewal of rabies vaccine is required by law and therefore by the terms of this contract.

5. Health Condition of Dog at Time of Adoption

The rescuer has provided required medical evaluation and all preventative vaccinations, fecal testing for intestinal parasites, heart-worm testing of adult dogs, and has begun a monthly routine of heart-worm prevention. The adopter acknowledges by signing this contract that there are some intestinal parasites that are not identified using the fecal flotation test administered within the veterinary practice, in the event eggs produced by the parasite(s) are not being “shed” at the time a fecal sample is obtained. The rescuer also puts the adopter on notice that tapeworms are not identified using the fecal flotation analysis commonly used within the veterinary community. Tapeworms are identified only through observation of the discharged segments in the dog’s feces, or clinging to the fur/hair around the dog’s anal area.

By signing this adoption contract, the adopter acknowledges rescuer has exercised due diligence in identifying and addressing health issues present at the time of adoption and releases the rescuer from liability associated with future health issues.

6. Important Notice Temperament

Rescuer makes no explicit or implicit guarantees in reference to the health and/or temperament of the dog. The dog is adopted "as is" and the adopter assumes all responsibility for treatment of any and all existing conditions or any other conditions of physical or temperament changes that may occur. Rescuer will provide the dog with the basic vaccines and heart-worm test before adoption if the age and current health of the dog permits. While the rescuer makes every effort to place only healthy animals, the rescuer cannot guarantee the health of any animal and shall not be held responsible for any medical expenses which may be incurred, hereby expressly excluding any implied or express warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, including, without limitation, any warranties regarding health, temperament or whether the animal is housebroken.

7. Transportation

The dog will not ride in the back of a pickup truck under any circumstances including those such as in a cage/kennel, or tied. The dog shall not remain in any vehicle in extreme heat, with windows down, or unattended for any amount of time.

8. Adequate Fencing

The adopter agrees that the definition of an adequate fence is a fence that encloses a yard or a large pen, larger than the outdoor kennels. An adequate fence is one that prevents the dog from escaping out of the area by jumping, digging, or exiting through gates not properly secured. The fence will also prevent any other animal from entering the property the dog lives on and will be secure enough to prevent intruders or small children from easily gaining entry. The adequate fence does not include a split rail, electric, or invisible fence. A shock or electric collar is not acceptable. A kennel environment is not acceptable for housing, safety, or the emotional well being of the dog. If the dog should be able to jump over, or dig under the fence it is no longer an adequate fence and must be repaired by raising it to six (6) feet or sealing any and all weak spots immediately. This decision on whether a home is adequately fenced will be made by rescuer, not by the adopter. While the fence is not serving the purpose the adopter shall not leave the dog unattended in the yard at any time.

9. Rescuers Reservation of Rights

Rescuer reserves the right to follow up on this adoption to inspect the animal and where the animal is kept for the sole purpose of determining compliance with the terms of the within contract by making a personal visit to the premises of the adopter at anytime during the entire lifespan of the dog. If the terms and conditions of this contract are not upheld by the adopter and/or any misrepresentations have been made by the adopter, rescuer reserves the right to terminate this contract and the adopters will agree to allow a representative of rescuer to reclaim the dog without notice or refund.

10. Adopter's Acknowledgment of Terms

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the above described animal and therefore agree to the following terms:

A. The dog is not to be taken outside of a securely fenced yard unless the dog is kept on a leash. This includes the unfenced front yard of a home.

B. The dog will not be left outdoors at any time while there is no one home.

C. The dog is not to live in a garage, doghouse, or any type of outbuilding.

D. Shelter from weather must be provided for the dog at any time that the dog is outside if the weather is extreme heat, extreme cold, or any other weather conditions that may endanger the health of the dog.

E. The dog is not to remain solely in a crate while indoors, only while the adopter is not at home, if at all, and not for more than eight (8) consecutive hours a day.

F. While the adopter is at home, the dog is not to remain solely in one room, not to be confined to either the crate or a room, and must have free roam of the house as a family member.

G. The dog is not to be left with small children at any time when unsupervised by an adult.

H. The adopter must provide rescuer with the name of the veterinarian the dog is going to and notify rescuer if there is a change.

I. The dog must remain on heart-worm preventative each month throughout the year.

J. The dog shall not be trained, encouraged, nor misrepresented for the purpose of protection, aggression, or any aggravated display of behavior.

K. The dog is to have adequate food, water and shelter at all times.

L. The adopter shall refrain from physical abuse of the animal and from otherwise treating the animal in an inhumane manner.

11. Change of Address and Notification

The adopter agree to notify no more than ten(10) days prior to change of address, change of environment that will affect the dog, or any incident involving animal control and/or complaints arising from said ownership of the dog.

12. Acknowledgment of Temperament

The adopter clearly understands that Passion for Pooches Rescue cannot guarantee the temperament of the dog. By signing this provision, the adopter acknowledges that any dog can bite for any of a number of reasons and will take EVERY precaution to keep the dog out of a situation which may cause him/her to bite. This includes, but is not limited, to the following: access by children under 18, unwelcome attention by children or adults, startling the dog when asleep or resting, pulling on the dog’s ears or tail, pulling the dog by the collar, cornering the dog, etc.

13. Confidentiality

This is a confidential agreement between the adopter and the rescuer.